What is Fur Babies' Farmland?

Fur Babies' Farmland is a unique NFT project that we have started to help, rescue, treat and rehabilitate any stray, abandoned, abused animals in need.

Through this project we are building a 10-acre farmland that will provide animals with a safe environment, 24-hour medical support, emergency care, nutritious meals, and shelter.

Our aim is to support these animals in every way possible, whenever and wherever needed. The farmland will be open to visitors, with camping facilities and organically grown food cooked to their liking!

Along with our efforts for animal rescue and treatment we will also be focusing on organic farming using Ancient Indian practices known as Rishi Krishi Farming.

Q3 & Q4 2022

  • Scouting, acquiring, and cleaning of the farmland
  • Leveling and developing of the farmland according to requirements
  • Creation of NFTs, smart contract and website
  • Go Live with minting
  • Hosting Live Q & A on social media

Q1 & Q2 2023

  • Construction of living spaces for volunteer teams on the farmland
  • Construction of Operating/emergency room for Fur Babies
  • Construction of living spaces for Fur Babies
  • Launch of E-store
  • Building a strong community

Q3 & Q4 2023

  • Trial runs for farmland activities
  • Begin rescue, treatment and rehabilitation for animals
  • Promotions on social media
  • Construction of living spaces for guests and visitors
  • Airdrops for NFT holders

Q1 & Q2 2024

  • Streamlining of farmland activities and processes
  • Bonus Airdrop and additional rewards for NFT holders
  • Work hard, save strays, treat injured animals, and have a great time!

So, what does it mean to own a Fur Baby NFT?

Well, for starters, it shows that you care!

It means you know the struggle that stray, abandoned and abused animals go through in their lives. That is a Badge by itself.

But we have more to offer.

Minting Now

By purchasing a Fur Babies NFT you

  • Virtually Own 1 Sq Ft of Fur Babies' Farmland per NFT! Have your name on a Fur Babies' Farmland Partner Certificate.
  • Get free access to informative/training videos on pure organic farming techniques, home and terrace farming tutorials, Rishi Krishi farming methodology and techniques, home remedies, knowing medicinal plants and how to use them + much more!
  • Get special discounts on the farmland E-store
  • Can participate in contests and special events to win free stays and discounts at the farmland (transferable to friends and family)
  • Can buy 5 NFTs for Special Voting rights and be a member of our advisors team
  • Can be the proud parent of someone in need! Through our virtual adoption campaigns you can adopt any 1 of our Farmland animals. Personalized video sessions will be scheduled for you

*Those who do not own Fur Babies’ Farmland NFTs will have to buy entry to special events, live screenings and other informative video content

Minting Now!

Join us on all our platforms and invite your friends to earn special rewards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Fur Babies’ Farmland Unique?

Fur Babies’ Farmland is a project that started out of care and love for stray, abused and injured animals that are almost always neglected, ignored and illtreated.
Through this project we (the volunteers as well as the buyers of the NFTs) will be directly involved in the root of the problem and do as much as we can for these animals in need.

What happens after you buy a Fur Babies’ Farmland NFT?

By buying an NFT you are directly connected with all our activities and operations on and off the farmland. You can not only enjoy all the benefits listed above but also be able to follow, track and advise on important matters regarding the progress and success of the farmland.
You, our dear community, are our true strength and we, as a team, can make something wonderful happen in the lives of these animals. The funds raised when you buy an NFT are used directly in all our ongoing operations which not only include our current efforts for stray animals but also the construction, set up and functioning of the farmland.

What if you sell your NFT in a secondary marketplace?

The benefits that we offer only apply to those who hold the NFTS. Once you sell the NFT you will not be able to claim any of the benefits. In case of a sale the benefits and rewards will be transferred to the new owner. When it comes down to voting rights you must hold 5 NFTs in order to cast your votes or share suggestions and new ideas.

What else can you do to help us?

We really appreciate that you have bought, or thinking about buying, a Fur Babies’ Farmland NFT. There’s more you can do! As you know, a good, strong following is crucial for any idea or project to be successful. We are requesting you to help us spread the word around and share our idea to as many people as you can. It might take you only a few minutes but it will help us immensely.

What it means to have you onboard with us?

Family. The only word that matters. No matter where you are in the world, what you do, how busy you are, your interest in this project means you are different than the millions out there. Join us and become part of the Fur Babies Family. It means that you know reality when you see or hear about it. Having you onboard as an investor, as an advisor, as a guide means that WE are not alone in this fight. YOU are there with US! Few people know the meaning of caring for others. And we are proud you found us and decided to be part of our journey!

Are there any plans to Tokenize Fur Babies' Farmland?

As it goes, Fur Babies' Farmland is a project that we have developed to help stray, abused and injured animals to find medical, emergency support, care, food and shelter. Our work is more on the ground level, rather than on the digital level. Your Support on the digital level (by buying our NFTs) is enough to keep us going and supported. While the concept of tokenization is interesting and lucrative, we do not see the need to unnecessarily create another token in the sea of tokens that already exist.